ABERRATION Synonyms, Antonyms, And 20 Example Sentences

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Meaning & Definition of ABERRATION : 

Short Meaning of ABERRATION: The word “aberration” refers to a deviation from what is normal, expected, or typical. It can also describe a departure from rational or correct behavior or a flaw or defect in something.

Definition of ABERRATION: The word “aberration” is a noun that refers to a departure from what is considered normal, expected, or typical. It describes a deviation or anomaly from the usual course, pattern, or behavior.

An aberration can be a flaw, error, or irregularity that deviates from a standard or deviation from accepted norms or principles. It often implies something unusual, unexpected, or out of the ordinary. In various contexts, aberration can refer to a mental or optical distortion, a departure from moral or ethical standards, or a deviation from a scientific or statistical norm.

Synonyms of ABERRATION in English

Now let’s know about the ABERRATION synonyms:

  • Divergence
  • Anomaly
  • Eccentricity
  • Deviance
  • Peculiarity
  • Derangement

Antonyms of ABERRATION in English

Now let’s know the ABERRATION antonyms :

  • Conformity
  • Regularity
  • Sameness

Example of ABERRATION In A Sentence :

Have a look at 20 example sentences using the word “aberration“:

  1. The sudden outburst was completely out of character for him and considered an aberration.
  2. The statistical anomaly observed in the data was regarded as an aberration rather than a meaningful trend.
  3. Her constant tardiness was seen as an aberration in an otherwise punctual office.
  4. The politician’s scandalous behavior was deemed an aberration by his supporters.
  5. The professor pointed out the grammatical aberration in the student’s essay.
  6. The team’s poor performance in the championship was seen as an aberration, as they had been consistently successful in previous seasons.
  7. The bizarre weather phenomenon was deemed an aberration by meteorologists.
  8. His sudden withdrawal from social activities was seen as an aberration by his friends.
  9. The strange noise coming from the engine indicated an aberration that required immediate attention.
  10. The artist’s latest piece was an artistic aberration, deviating from her usual style and subject matter.
  11. The CEO’s decision to abruptly change the company’s direction was seen as an aberration by the board of directors.
  12. The occurrence of two full moons in a single month is considered an aberration in the lunar cycle.
  13. The diplomat’s offensive remarks were regarded as an aberration from diplomatic protocol.
  14. The scientist discovered a genetic aberration in the lab mice, leading to further investigation.
  15. The peaceful town was shocked by the violent crime, considering it an aberration in their community.
  16. The distorted reflection in the funhouse mirror was an intentional aberration to create a visual illusion.
  17. The financial market’s sudden fluctuation was viewed as an aberration, causing panic among investors.
  18. The faulty wiring in the building’s electrical system was identified as the source of the aberration in the power supply.
  19. The writer’s use of unconventional narrative structure was seen as an aberration by traditionalists.
  20. The artist’s abstract painting was considered an aberration by critics who preferred realistic art.


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