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Meaning & Definition of Abscond

ABSCOND Definition: The word “abscond” means to depart or leave abruptly and secretly, often to avoid capture, legal consequences, or obligations. It implies a deliberate act of escaping or fleeing, typically with the intention of evading detection or responsibility.

Synonyms of Abscond in English

Now let’s know about the ABSCOND synonyms:

  • Flee
  • Escape
  • Run away
  • Bolt
  • Skedaddle
  • Take flight
  • Depart
  • Decamp
  • Vamoose
  • Scram
  • Go AWOL
  • Absquatulate
  • Make off
  • Slip away
  • Steal away
  • Clear out
  • Disappear
  • Vanish
  • Evade
  • Desert

Antonyms of Abscond in English

Now let’s know the ABSCOND antonyms :

  • Stay
  • Remain
  • Arrive
  • Show up
  • Appear
  • Face
  • Confront
  • Come forward
  • Surrender
  • Return
  • Report
  • Attend
  • Stay put
  • Hold ground
  • Stick around
  • Abide
  • Stay behind
  • Confirm
  • Adhere
  • Remain present

Example Of Abscond In A Sentence :

Here are 20 example sentences using the words abscond, absconded:

  1. The thief absconded with a bag full of valuables from the store.
  2. The prisoner managed to abscond from the maximum-security prison.
  3. After embezzling the funds, the accountant absconded to a foreign country.
  4. The suspect absconded before the police could apprehend him.
  5. She planned to abscond with the evidence to protect her loved ones.
  6. The employee absconded with confidential documents from the office.
  7. The debtor absconded to avoid paying back the loan.
  8. He absconded from his responsibilities and left his family behind.
  9. The fugitive managed to abscond without leaving any traces.
  10. The spy absconded with classified information from the government agency.
  11. The criminal absconded to a remote island to live a life of anonymity.
  12. The cat absconded from the neighbor’s yard and returned to its owner.
  13. The fraudster absconded with the investors’ money, leaving them devastated.
  14. The teenager decided to abscond from home and live with a friend.
  15. The witness feared for their safety and chose to abscond before the trial.
  16. The patient absconded from the hospital, against medical advice.
  17. The escapee absconded during a prison transfer and remained at large.
  18. The spy realized their cover was blown and quickly absconded from the mission.
  19. The wanted criminal absconded across the border to evade capture.
  20. The nanny absconded with the children she was entrusted to care for.


In conclusion, “abscond” refers to the act of departing secretly or fleeing to avoid consequences. It commonly implies escaping or disappearing to evade capture, responsibility, or punishment. The word is often associated with illicit activities, such as theft, evasion, or unauthorized departure.

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