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Abstain Definition & Meaning

Definition of ABSTAIN: The word “abstain” means to voluntarily choose not to do something or refrain from participating in an action or activity. It often refers to the conscious decision to avoid or withhold oneself from a specific behavior, particularly in terms of avoiding indulgence, consumption, or voting.

Synonyms of ABSTAIN in English

Now let’s know about the ABSTAIN synonyms:

  • Refrain
  • Avoid
  • Forbear
  • Desist
  • Hold back
  • Resist
  • Abnegate
  • Cease
  • Shun
  • Renounce

Antonyms of ABSTAIN in English

Now let’s explore the ABSTAIN antonyms :

  • Indulge
  • Partake
  • Engage
  • Consume
  • Enjoy
  • Embrace
  • Yield
  • Satisfy
  • Give in
  • Gratify

Examples of ABSTAIN In A Sentence

Here are 20 example sentences using the word Abstain & Abstained:

  1. The doctor advised her to abstain from caffeine to help alleviate her sleep problems.
  2. As a recovering alcoholic, he made the commitment to abstain from drinking alcohol for the rest of his life.
  3. In order to maintain a healthy weight, she chose to abstain from consuming sugary beverages.
  4. The organization encourages its members to abstain from using single-use plastics to reduce environmental impact.
  5. The team captain urged the players to abstain from any unsportsmanlike behavior during the match.
  6. As a sign of solidarity, the protesters decided to abstain from shopping at a specific chain store.
  7. The religious observance required fasting, whereby participants abstained from food and water from sunrise to sunset.
  8. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims abstain from eating and drinking from dawn until sunset as part of their religious practice.
  9. She decided to abstain from making any major financial decisions until she had a clearer understanding of the situation.
  10. In order to prioritize her mental well-being, she made a conscious choice to abstain from engaging in negative self-talk.
  11. In an effort to improve his health, he decided to abstain from eating sugary foods and beverages.
  12. During Lent, many individuals choose to abstain from certain luxuries or habits as a form of self-discipline.
  13. The doctor advised her to abstain from alcohol while taking the medication.
  14. As a vegetarian, she abstains from consuming any meat or fish products.
  15. He made a personal commitment to abstain from smoking and has successfully maintained his decision for years.
  16. In order to focus on her studies, she decided to abstain from social media for a month.
  17. The politician announced that he would abstain from voting on the controversial bill due to a potential conflict of interest.
  18. The religious ceremony required participants to abstain from eating or drinking for a specified period of time.
  19. The support group provided a safe space for individuals struggling with addiction to share their experiences and learn techniques to abstain from substance use.
  20. She made a conscious effort to abstain from negative gossip and focus on more positive conversations.


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