How to Use ACQUIRE In A Sentence : Explore 40 Simple Examples

The word acquire is commonly used in English in various contexts. Let’s examine the context in which the words “acquire” and “acquired” should be used with some example sentences. Also, explore how to use ACQUIRE in a sentence on this page.

Situations to Use Word Acquire

Here are some situations where you might use the word acquire in a sentence.

  1. Possessions: When talking about obtaining or getting possessions, such as acquiring a new car, acquiring a rare book, or acquiring valuable artwork.

Example: “He was thrilled to acquire a vintage vinyl record collection.”

  1. Knowledge and Skills: When referring to gaining knowledge, skills, or expertise, such as acquiring a new language, acquiring programming skills, or acquiring business acumen.

Example: “She spent years studying abroad to acquire fluency in Mandarin.”

  1. Education: When discussing the process of obtaining an education or degree, such as acquiring a bachelor’s degree, acquiring a Ph.D., or acquiring specialized training.

Example: “After completing her studies, she acquired a Master’s degree in Environmental Science.”

  1. Companies and Assets: When referring to the acquisition or purchase of companies, businesses, or assets, such as acquiring a startup, acquiring real estate properties, or acquiring shares in a company.

Example: “The tech giant announced plans to acquire a smaller software company.”

  1. Habits and Traits: When discussing the development or acquisition of habits, traits, or characteristics, such as acquiring a healthy lifestyle, acquiring leadership skills, or acquiring patience.

Example: “Through practice and discipline, he acquired the habit of regular exercise.”

How To Use Acquire In A Sentence

To provide a better understanding of how to use the word Acquire & Acquired in context, here are 40 example sentences of ACQUIRE:

  1. She worked hard to acquire the necessary skills for her new job.
  2. The company aims to acquire a larger market share through strategic partnerships.
  3. He was able to acquire a rare antique at the auction.
  4. The organization plans to acquire new technology to improve its operations.
  5. It took years of dedication and practice for him to acquire fluency in a foreign language.
  6. The team hopes to acquire talented players during the off-season.
  7. The company made a smart move to acquire a competitor in order to expand its reach.
  8. She decided to acquire a new hobby to broaden her interests.
  9. The library has managed to acquire a vast collection of historical books.
  10. It’s important to acquire knowledge through continuous learning.
  11. He used his inheritance to acquire a beautiful beachfront property.
  12. The company has acquired a reputation for delivering high-quality products.
  13. Through hard work and perseverance, she was able to acquire a scholarship to study abroad.
  14. The museum was able to acquire a famous painting by a renowned artist.
  15. They were able to acquire the necessary permits for the construction project.
  16. The government is working to acquire more land for conservation purposes.
  17. She is determined to acquire financial independence through her own business.
  18. The athlete trained rigorously to acquire the strength and endurance needed for the competition.
  19. He was able to acquire a taste for spicy food after living in a foreign country.
  20. The company has recently acquired a start-up to enhance its innovation capabilities.
  21. She worked hard to acquire the necessary skills for the job.
  22. The company plans to acquire a smaller competitor to expand its market share.
  23. He acquired a rare stamp collection from an auction.
  24. The child was excited to acquire a new toy.
  25. Through years of practice, she acquired proficiency in playing the piano.
  26. They acquired a new office space in the heart of the city.
  27. The university offers opportunities for students to acquire real-world experience through internships.
  28. He acquired a taste for spicy food after traveling to India.
  29. The art museum acquired a valuable painting by a renowned artist.
  30. She acquired a reputation for being a trustworthy and reliable employee.
  31. The team acquired a star player to strengthen their roster.
  32. The company acquired the rights to distribute the popular video game in the region.
  33. He acquired a vast knowledge of history through extensive reading.
  34. The entrepreneur acquired multiple patents for his innovative inventions.
  35. They acquired a large plot of land to build their dream house.
  36. The company invested in training programs to help employees acquire new skills.
  37. The archaeologist discovered and acquired ancient artifacts during an excavation.
  38. The company acquired a smaller startup to access its technology and talent.
  39. She acquired a new car as a reward for her hard work.
  40. The young entrepreneur acquired a significant amount of funding for her startup.

These sentences demonstrate different contexts in which the word “acquire” can be used, from obtaining skills and knowledge to acquiring possessions, reputation, or opportunities. Acquire Meaning & Definition in English. Acquire Antonyms & Synonyms How to use Acquire in a sentence.

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