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ACQUIRE Meaning And Definition: 

Meaning of ACQUIRE: Acquire: To gain or obtain something, typically through effort or action.

Word Acquire Definition:

The word acquire is a verb that refers to the act of obtaining, gaining, or coming into possession of something. It involves obtaining or getting hold of something through various means, such as purchasing, receiving, or achieving it. Acquiring can also imply the process of learning or developing new skills, knowledge, or qualities. Essentially, it entails the process of gaining or procuring something that one did not previously have.

Interesting History of Word ACQUIRE

The word acquire has an interesting history in the English language. It originated from the Latin word acquirere, which is a combination of ad (meaning to) and quaerere (meaning to seek or to obtain).

In its earliest usage in English, during the 14th century, acquire was primarily used in legal contexts to refer to the gaining of property or assets through legal means. It was associated with the idea of obtaining something by diligent effort or lawful means.

Over time, the usage of acquire expanded beyond legal contexts and became more general, encompassing the act of obtaining or gaining possession of various things, including skills, knowledge, attributes, and abstract concepts.

The word acquire has remained a prominent term in the English language, used across a wide range of fields and disciplines. It is frequently employed in business, education, personal development, and everyday conversations.

Through its etymology and historical usage, acquire has retained its core meaning of obtaining or gaining possession of something, emphasizing the active effort or process involved in attaining it.

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10 Phrases With Word Acquire

Let’s explore some phrases using the word acquire:

1- Acquire knowledge: To gain or obtain knowledge through learning or study.

Example: She enrolled in a language course to acquire knowledge of French.

2- Acquire skills: To obtain or develop new abilities or expertise.

Example: Through practice and dedication, he acquired excellent programming skills.

3- Acquire experience: To gain or obtain practical knowledge and expertise through firsthand involvement or exposure.

Example: Working on various projects allowed her to acquire valuable experience in project management.

4- Acquire a company: To purchase or obtain ownership of a company.

Example: The conglomerate plans to acquire a smaller tech startup.

5- Acquire a habit: To develop or adopt a specific behavior or routine.

Example: He worked hard to acquire the habit of waking up early.

6- Acquire wealth: To accumulate or obtain a significant amount of money or assets.

Example: Through shrewd investments, he was able to acquire considerable wealth.

7- Acquire a taste for: To develop a liking or preference for something.

Example: After trying different types of cuisine, she acquired a taste for spicy food.

8- Acquire a new language: To learn and become proficient in a different language.

Example: Living in a foreign country helped him acquire a new language.

9- Acquire a reputation: To gain a particular perception or recognition among others.

Example: His hard work and dedication allowed him to acquire a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy employee.

10- Acquire legal rights: To obtain or gain legal entitlements or privileges.

Example: Through marriage, she acquired legal rights to her spouse’s property.


FAQs Related To The Word Acquire

Q: What does it mean to acquire something?

A: To acquire something means to obtain or gain possession or control over it.

Q: Can you provide examples of how to use the word acquire in different contexts?

A: Certainly! Here are a few examples:

  1. She hopes to acquire a new skill through online courses.
  2. The company plans to acquire a smaller competitor to expand its market share.
  3. He managed to acquire a rare book from a private collector.

Q: Is there a difference between acquire and obtain?

A: While both words are often used interchangeably, acquire implies gaining possession or control, while obtain suggests getting something through effort or request.

Q: What are some synonyms for the word acquire?

A: Synonyms for acquire include obtain, attain, procure, secure, gain, achieve, earn, collect, gather, and receive.

Q: Are there any antonyms for the word acquire?

A: Yes, antonyms for acquire include lose, surrender, release, forfeit, give up, abandon, relinquish, dispossess, divest, and renounce.


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