ACQUIRE Antonyms & Synonyms With Simple Sentences

Antonyms Of ACQUIRE in English

Now let’s know the ACQUIRE antonyms :

    • Lose
    • Surrender
    • Release
    • Forfeit
    • Give up
    • Relinquish
    • Dispossess
    • Divest
    • Renounce

How To Use Antonyms Of Acquire In A Sentence

Some example sentences using ACQUIRE’s antonyms:

  1. Dispose: It is time to dispose of the old furniture and make room for new ones.
  2. Relinquish: She decided to relinquish her ownership of the company and pursue other interests.
  3. Lose: Unfortunately, I lost my wallet while traveling.
  4. Give up: After years of trying, he finally decided to give up his pursuit of a singing career.
  5. Release: The company announced plans to release its underperforming product from the market.
  6. Surrender: The army was forced to surrender to the enemy after a long battle.
  7. Divest: The organization is planning to divest its non-core assets to focus on its primary business.
  8. Abandon: They had to abandon the sinking ship and swim to safety.
  9. Forfeit: He had to forfeit his prize money after being caught cheating.
  10. Dismiss: The court dismissed the case due to lack of evidence.

Synonyms Of ACQUIRE in English

Now let’s know about the ACQUIRE synonyms:

    • Obtain
    • Attain
    • Procure
    • Secure
    • Gain
    • Achieve
    • Earn
    • Collect
    • Gather
    • Receive

How To Use Synonyms Of Acquire In A Sentence

Some example sentences using synonyms of the word “acquire“:

  1. Obtain: I managed to obtain a rare book from a local bookstore.
  2. Secure: We need to secure the necessary permits before starting the construction project.
  3. Gain: She worked hard to gain the trust of her colleagues.
  4. Attain: He was determined to attain his goal of becoming a professional athlete.
  5. Procure: The company had to procure new equipment for the upcoming project.
  6. Achieve: The team worked together to achieve their sales targets for the quarter.
  7. Get: I need to get a new passport before I can travel abroad.
  8. Collect: She collects antique coins from around the world.
  9. Win: The team won the championship trophy after a grueling season.
  10. Receive: He was thrilled to receive an invitation to the prestigious event.

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