ABATE Synonyms, Antonyms, And 20 Example Sentences

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Meaning & Definition of ABATE : 

Meaning of ABATE: The word “abate” means to become less intense, to diminish, or to reduce in amount or intensity.

Abate Definition: The word “abate” is a verb that means to diminish, reduce, or lessen in intensity, degree, or severity. It implies a decrease or subsiding of something, often in relation to a negative or undesirable condition, force, or emotion.

Abate can also refer to the act of becoming less active, intense, or prevalent over time. It is commonly used to describe the process of something gradually diminishing or subsiding. Additionally, “abate” can be used in legal contexts to refer to the termination or cancellation of a legal claim or action.

Synonyms of ABATE in English

Now let’s know about the ABATE synonyms:

  • Moderate
  • Mitigate
  • Lessen
  • Diminish
  • Decrease
  • Reduce
  • Lessen
  • Subside
  • Ease
  • Mitigate
  • Alleviate
  • Weaken
  • Quell
  • Dwindle
  • Recede
  • Relieve
  • Assuage
  • Minimize
  • Attenuate
  • Slacken
  • Taper
  • Subdue

Antonyms of ABATE in English

Now let’s know the ABATE antonyms :

  • Intensify
  • Increase
  • Escalate
  • Aggravate
  • Heighten
  • Amplify
  • Strengthen
  • Worsen
  • Exacerbate
  • Provoke
  • Agitate
  • Expand
  • Mount
  • Build up
  • Intensify
  • Augment
  • Boost
  • Multiply
  • Raise
  • Reinforce

Example Sentences of ABATE :

Let’s explore 20 example sentences using the words abate, abated & abating:

  1. The storm finally began to abate after hours of heavy rain and strong winds.
  2. She took medication to help abate the pain in her injured leg.
  3. The noise from the construction site started to abate as the workers finished for the day.
  4. The authorities implemented measures to abate pollution levels in the city.
  5. The intense heatwave showed no signs of abating, causing concerns for public health.
  6. His anger slowly abated as he took deep breaths and counted to ten.
  7. The medication helped to abate the symptoms of his allergies.
  8. The protests in the capital city continued to abate as negotiations between the government and demonstrators progressed.
  9. The company implemented cost-cutting measures to abate financial losses.
  10. The team’s momentum began to abate as their opponents staged a comeback.
  11. The doctor assured her that the fever would abate with proper rest and medication.
  12. The noise of the traffic gradually abated as she moved further away from the busy street.
  13. The community came together to help abate the effects of the natural disaster.
  14. The public outcry over the controversial decision showed no signs of abating.
  15. The medication had little effect in abating his chronic pain.
  16. The winds started to abate, allowing for safer navigation on the water.
  17. The enthusiasm for the new product eventually abated as customers found flaws in its functionality.
  18. The government implemented policies to abate greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.
  19. The intensity of the argument began to abate as both parties realized the need for compromise.
  20. The fear and panic among the crowd gradually abated as the emergency responders arrived on the scene.


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