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ABJURE Meaning & Definition 

Meaning of ABJURE: The word “abjure” means to formally renounce, reject, or give up a belief, claim, or practice, often under oath. It implies a strong and deliberate act of disavowal or abandonment.

Synonyms of ABJURE

Now let’s know about the ABJURE synonyms:

  • Renounce
  • Forswear
  • Repudiate
  • Denounce
  • Relinquish
  • Abandon
  • Reject
  • Disavow
  • Disown
  • Disclaim

Antonyms of ABJURE

Now let’s know the ABJURE antonyms :

  • Embrace
  • Accept
  • Admit
  • Affirm
  • Acknowledge
  • Support
  • Avow
  • Maintain
  • Uphold
  • Assert

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How To Use Abjure In A Sentence:

Let’s explore these 20 examples using the word abjure:

  1. As a recovering addict, he had to abjure all substances that had once controlled his life.
  2. The artist decided to abjure conventional techniques and explore new forms of expression.
  3. In order to join the monastery, he had to abjure all worldly possessions and live a life of simplicity.
  4. The defendant was given a chance to abjure his criminal activities and seek rehabilitation instead of imprisonment.
  5. The scientist had to abjure his previous hypothesis after new evidence contradicted his findings.
  6. The company’s CEO publicly abjured any involvement in the recent financial scandal.
  7. After years of holding grudges, she decided to abjure her bitterness and forgive those who had wronged her.
  8. The political leader called on the nation to abjure hate speech and promote unity and understanding.
  9. The organization urged its members to abjure violence and seek peaceful resolutions to conflicts.
  10. The religious leader urged his followers to abjure materialism and focus on spiritual growth and inner peace.
  11. In her heartfelt speech, she abjured her previous stance on the controversial issue and expressed a newfound perspective.
  12. The soldier, haunted by the horrors of war, decided to abjure violence and pursue a path of reconciliation.
  13. The reformed criminal took an oath to abjure his criminal past and become a law-abiding citizen.
  14. The professor encouraged his students to abjure procrastination and develop effective time management skills.
  15. Facing intense scrutiny, the politician had no choice but to abjure any association with the corrupt organization.
  16. The artist’s work was a testament to her decision to abjure conformity and embrace her unique creative vision.
  17. The religious sect demanded that its members abjure their ties to worldly pleasures and devote themselves fully to spiritual pursuits.
  18. The athlete, driven by a desire for fair play, vowed to abjure performance-enhancing substances.
  19. The accused, overwhelmed by guilt, stood before the court and abjured any involvement in the crime.
  20. The student made a conscious decision to abjure negative influences and surround themselves with positive and supportive peers.

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FAQ for Abjure

Explore some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the word “abjure” along with their answers:

Q: What does Abjure mean?
A: Abjure is a verb that means to renounce, reject, or give up a belief, claim, or behavior. It implies a deliberate act of forsaking or turning away from something.

Q: How is Abjure different from “renounce”?
A: While both words convey the idea of giving up or relinquishing something, Abjure often implies a more formal or solemn act of renunciation, especially in relation to beliefs, oaths, or previous commitments.

Q: Can you provide some synonyms for Abjure?
A: Certainly! Synonyms for Abjure include renouncing, reject, forsake, repudiate, disavow, relinquish, give up, disown, and swear off.

Q: In what contexts can Abjure be used?
A: Abjure can be used in various contexts, such as renouncing a previously held belief or ideology, rejecting an allegiance or affiliation, giving up a habit or behavior, or disowning a claim or statement.

Q: Is Abjure a commonly used word?
A: While Abjure may not be as frequently used in everyday conversations, it is more commonly found in formal or written contexts, such as legal documents, literature, or discussions of personal or ideological transformations.

Q: Can Abjure be used in a positive context?
A: Abjure is typically used in a negative or critical context, indicating the act of rejecting or renouncing something considered negative, harmful, or undesirable. However, it is possible to use the word in a positive context if one is renouncing a harmful belief or behavior.

Q: What is the opposite of Abjure?
A: The opposite of Abjure would be “embrace” or “accept,” as it signifies a willingness to adopt or adhere to a belief, behavior, or commitment.

Q: Are there any historical or literary references to Abjure?
A: Yes, Abjure has been used in historical and literary works to depict significant moments of renunciation, such as in religious conversions, political declarations, or personal transformations.

These examples illustrate different contexts in which the word “abjure” can be used to convey the act of renouncing, rejecting, or relinquishing something, whether it be beliefs, behaviors, or commitments.

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In conclusion, the word “abjure” carries a powerful meaning of renunciation and rejection. It signifies a deliberate and solemn act of turning away from a belief, claim, or behavior. By understanding the essence of “abjure,” we grasp its significance in conveying a deliberate choice to forsake or repudiate something previously held. Whether it be renouncing a belief, disavowing an allegiance, or giving up a habit, “abjure” reflects a conscious decision to move away from that which is being rejected.

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