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Abdicate Definition & Meaning 

Definition of ABDICATE: The word “abdicate” is a verb that means to renounce, relinquish, or give up a position of power, authority, or responsibility, typically a throne or high office. It involves voluntarily stepping down from a position or formally surrendering a role or title. Abdication often occurs when someone feels unable or unwilling to fulfill their duties or when they are pressured to do so due to various circumstances such as political unrest, scandals, or personal reasons.

Synonyms of Abdicate in English

Now let’s know about the ABDICATE synonyms:

  • Cede
  • Demit
  • Relinquish
  • Renounce
  • Abandon
  • Render

Antonyms of Abdicate in English

Now let’s know the ABDICATE antonyms :

  • Hold
  • Retain
  • Maintain

Examples of Abdicate In A Sentence

Here are 15 sentences for examples using the word “abdicate”:

  1. The king chose to abdicate the throne and pass the crown to his eldest son.
  2. After years of struggling with his duties, the CEO decided to abdicate his position and retire.
  3. The president was pressured to abdicate his role following a major scandal.
  4. Queen Elizabeth famously refused to abdicate despite immense political pressure.
  5. The dictator was forced to abdicate power after a popular uprising.
  6. The aging Rockstar announced his decision to abdicate the stage and retire from performing.
  7. The captain decided to abdicate his position as team leader, feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility.
  8. The chairman of the company unexpectedly announced his intention to abdicate his role, leaving the board shocked.
  9. The tribal chief chose to abdicate his authority in favor of a more democratic leadership model.
  10. The coach’s poor performance led to calls for him to abdicate his position and make way for new leadership.
  11. The Prime Minister faced immense criticism and pressure to abdicate after a series of political scandals.
  12. The monarch’s decision to abdicate the throne created a sense of uncertainty and anticipation among the public.
  13. The aging dictator reluctantly agreed to abdicate power, fearing the consequences of a potential uprising.
  14. The company’s CEO was urged by the board of directors to abdicate in order to restore trust and stability.
  15. The ruler’s sudden announcement to abdicate the crown caught the entire kingdom off guard, sparking a wave of speculation and concern.

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